Are Celebs Safe On Social Media?

Social media has opened up numerous opportunities for celebrities. Scrolling through a newsfeed you can see thousands of posts celebs put on social media and it reaches to the world with just a single click! This can cause many disruptions in the social media world, as there a thousands of fake accounts that constantly distribute hate/threats/negative comments on celebs accounts. 

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have taken the relationship between celebrities and fans to new heights. Those who follow famous people on social media feel closer to them than ever before, since these networks act as a window into the lavish personal lives of individuals they admire. Celebs can share anything from pictures to random thoughts about topics they feel strongly about. But, as we've seen online presence doesn't last forever. Some vanish for unknown reasons such as Kanye West, while others do it because of the current political climate Solange Knowles or as a marketing scheme to promote their fresh music album: Taylor Swift. They use their public presence as a huge part of their free advertising, you have to ask yourself ‘how much risk am I exposing myself to?’ And then looking at it and saying, what level of security do I need to implement to match the risk that I'm exposing myself to?’ 

The incident that happened with Kim Kardashian in Paris, her jewelry that was worth millions was stolen. The celeb had displayed her expensive possessions on social media and her followers were instantly alerted which triggered the thieves to get easy access to where the celebs location was and easy research on how much the jewels were worth. From learning from this event celebrities are counseled and coached to take precautions when posting on social media platforms. Their guided to not post where their location is, from a security perspective, to be able to watch a situation where you are to potentially see a huge crowd because of this. A celeb could be out shopping and someone could tweet their exact location and within minutes there’s a huge crowd of fans outside the store. This situation leads to another issue: can celebrities interact with their fans safety? 

Social media platforms is a place where every post a celeb has ever posted will always stay on the internet, such as a picture, a tweet or any other post celebs have taken down are always screenshotted and shared by fans. This can haunt them in the future hence why it’s important for them to think before they posts. It’s best to keep an aspect of your life which people can’t have accessibility to, this is to keep safe. After all not all celebrities share social media updates themselves. Some choose to cross-post, so what goes up on Facebook shows up on other platforms. Others stick mostly to Twitter or Facebook and hire a social media assistant to schedule and update their social media platforms with news about their daily lives and careers.