Are You Smarter Than A Robot?

It will come as no surprise to some, but still sounds rather staggering when you think about it, that robots will be 100 times more intelligent than the average person in 30 years time. The realms of science fiction - in this case films like Ex Machina and The Terminator - are suddenly that bit more blurred with reality.

This is the claim of Masayoshi Son, CEO of tech giant SoftBank. As Mr. Son has become a billionaire by knowing a trick or two about this sort of thing, people tend to take notice. Plus, with the technological and digital stratospheres growing at an exponential rate, it would seem that just about anything is possible - and a lot sooner than we ever imagined.

If we look at how quickly the internet has developed for example, in comparison to how long it took for information technology to reach that milestone in the first place, then three decades for 'singularity' - the idea that artificial intelligence can surpass the capacity of the human brain - to occur is pretty much an inevitability. The good news is that in 30 years there will still be some lucky boys and girls who can class themselves smarter than any robot. It is 'the average human' in question, after all. 

For those of us who fall into this category, it's thought that we will always be one step ahead of the machines when it comes to creativity, no matter how clever they get. So have no fear all you budding poets and songwriters out there, or bloggers for that matter...