Artificial Intelligence Serving Emotion At Wimbledon

As Wimbeldon looks to take centre stage alongside the World Cup during this summer of sport, Artificial Intelligence looks set to play an interesting role on centre court. 

Wimbeldon and it's digital partner IBM have introduced Artificial Intelligence systems this year to edit highlights from the competition. Matches take place every day from 12pm to 7 or 8pm. With the amount of players and matches taking place,  there is no doubt that there will be excting moments during this years tournament. Wimbeldon welcome top players such as Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Wiliams to the all English club - who doesn't remember great matches featuring these legends? 

The never ending rallies, shock points, defeats and crowd reactions bring entertainment that all fans enjoy. The new Artificial Intelligence system which IBM have introduced will capture emotions from the crowd as well as player emotions and data from the match to edit the clips. This information will then be transformed into clips, and then they are provided to the organiser of Wimbeldon to then post across social media, the website and other digital channels. However the factors which are taken into account are not only the emotions of players but also how how the crowd react to moments.

For example a match where it is two sets each on a tie break, is bound to draw in the crowd. A match scenario like that would be perfect to gather the emotion from the crowd and players. Sam Seddon, Wimbeldon program and client executive at Wimbeldon, said: "Recognising player emotion is based on analysis of the broadcast video and on looking at gesticulation - so for example, fist pumping, arms aloft and hand shaking at the end of the match and strong demonstrations of emotion such as shouting". 

I'm sure the players will be excited to know that their joy or perhaps their frustration, could be magnified in order to generate exciting clips for the online audience. IBM Watson's learning machine is the machine which will be carrying out the process, a system which can process and understand large amounts of data. 

Describing the AI system, Sam Seddon said:" Watson is an artificial intelligence, that understands, reasons and learns in a similar way to a human". "As a learning system Watson has been taught to better recognise player emotion - increasing the quality of the output, while also increasing speed in turnaround time". 

With this Artificial Intelligence system in place, it is proof that we can also play a huge part as to whether these systems can become a success or not. Not just with sport but also in retail, as consumers the way we interact with a system will determine whether it is compatible with us. Whilst having fun at a sporting tournament, your reactions and emotions are being taken into account and used for clips without you even realising. The future of digital is certainly heading in an exciting direction.