Augmented Reality Reaching The Right Audiences

We now live in a day and age where consumers want to have an interactive experience, whether it's purchasing a product or watching a video. Playing games has gone from pushing a few buttons to interacting with virtual creatures, as Pokemon Go proved. That was the green light for other brands to think about how AR could become part of their brand strategies. 

Marketers are now beginning to integrate Virtual Reality and 360 videos into their campaigns. With video being the future of digital, it's difficult to tell which methods will be used when it comes to telling stories but one thing is for sure, it will be interactive. Before implementing these strategies, it is important for a marketer to identify the type of audience they have. Once identifying the audience it will be easier to determine the type of content that they are likely to need, want or enjoy. Making the mistake of providing the wrong content to the wrong audience, is likely to turn a consumer off. Once that happens, it can be difficult to convince them to come back and interact with your brand. 

Bringing the emotional aspect into Augmented reality could be a good way to make a connection with the audience. This may be looking at a milestone in your consumer's life; for example a birthday, first job or first home and making it relevant to the campaign. That would be a great chance for your brand to use AR to show how your product or service could be relevant. For example it could be a campaign to show someone who a new piece of furniture could fit in well in their home. It's about finding value for your audience and basing the experience around that. We are seeing more Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, but are all of them approaching the right audiences? Consumers want to feel as if they are getting something out of the brand, information which will inspire them to purchase from the brand or use the service. 

Being able to tell a story for the consumer is an effective way to make a connection with them. Storytelling is a basis of good marketing, whatever the format may be.