B2C Trends: Customer Loyalty & Retention Marketing

2020 saw perhaps the biggest change in recent times, when it comes to how consumers interact with brands; due to Covid. While consumer and brand engagement is by no means a new term, brands have had to reassess the way they communicate with consumers, digitally.

Customer loyalty and engagement was the real focus of B2C companies, and will continue to be in 2021 and beyond. Keeping current customers engaged and regular messaging and communication on how they can help them is of upmost importance. As high street stores saw temporary closure, B2C marketers relied on omnichannel loyalty programs to engage and retain their existing customer base. 

We’re seeing an increase of brands who are using data capturing software such as Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, to offer customers with the best experience possible. This includes collecting customer data across various touchpoints to create a deeper connection with customers. As well as data collection, consistent loyalty experiences (physical or digital) builds customer loyalty. 

Social media also plays a key role in achieving this. Regular updates and information on products and services, helps to keep customers informed on what they’re currently interested in. Email Marketing has proved a powerful tool for countless B2C companies, regularly feeding consumers information on products and services. Not only that, it has also been a method for building customer loyalty – offering rewards, deals and coupons. Text messaging is an avenue which is being used by B2C brands.

Being able to provide the same customer experience, whether in-store or online is crucial to customer loyalty. A website must be the go-to for any consumer, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile. Websites and emails which are optimised for mobile convenience are likely to be well received and the beginning or continuation of a strong consumer-brand relationship.