Can Blog Writing Help You Land A Copywriting Position?

Copywriting can be a tricky career path to go down as you are likely to have many competitors applying against you who have all done the same or similar degree from similar institutions. However, a key thing that can set you apart from the rest apart from employment experience is a personal blog. 

Blogging can help develop your written skills and can help hone in your tone of voice. Getting used to writing regularly on a range of subjects will allow you to naturally find a rhythm than you find works best for you and will let you start producing quality blogs about subjects that genuinely interest you. 

Blogs are an excellent way to help validate expertise and show employers that you have a lot of knowledge on a particular subject. This will be especially useful if the subject matter relates to the company you’re applying for. Never be shy in adding your blog page into your CV or in the email you send to employers. It shows initiative and that you are interested in the subject beyond the workplace. 

A highly important aspect of any copywriting role is all in the grammar, spelling and proofreading. All skills that you will gain from your blog writing. It is better to make mistakes and learn from them earlier on when you’re writing personal blogs than when you begin a new job where the pressure is already high enough as it is! Also, a good tip is to always get another person to proofread your blogs too, especially in the start, as there are things that you might have overlooked that others will be more likely to spot.

Blog writing will help with a plethora of other skills too, one being research skills. As a copywriter, researching will be a core skill, so getting practice in early will help you later down along the road when you start having to research for professional content. 

In the long run, copywriting is often writing content for others based on what they require and want. Therefore there is no better way in expressing your own creative self and having full autonomy than through a personal blog.