Making used car buying and selling simple and easy.

Carspring is a website that gives you the option to buy and sell AA – inspected used cars online. It was founded in May 2015 by Dr Pete Baughart and Max Vollenbroich who were sick of the lengthy processes that were involved in buying and selling used cars. They noticed that people would spend a long time dealing with dodgy used car dealers or with dealers more interested in getting their commission rather than the service they give to the customer. Together, they decided to create a platform that made buying and selling used cars simple, effective and easy.

They created Carspring, Europe’s first truly online used car dealership. Unlike other car dealers, Carspring holds its own inventory as stock and everything is online. Everything is available online, and despite this they have a wonderfully supportive support team who are always on hand to help. The website is easy to use, following 3 simple steps. First the user chooses their desired car from the online catalogue, then they have 2 payment methods to choose from, pay full price or pay monthly. Finally, the car is delivered to the buyers’ doorstep. This simple 3 step method was a big hit, and within months of launching in London, Carspring went nationwide.

Carspring focuses on keeping the customers happy and ensures that their process of buying or selling a used car is as simple and straightforward as it can be. They aim to be honest and promise to always keep you in the loop by telling you how it is and being on hand to offer you expert advice where it is needed. In summary, Carspring always wants to make your car journey a lot better, by making your owning experience easier and selling experience simpler.

In 2016, named Carspring the 17th most promising online start-up in the UK. This list consisted of 100 start-up companies. Users have enjoyed their experience with Carspring and would recommend it to others and would use it again themselves.