Chatbots: The Future Of Marketing

As more businesses begin to invest AI technology to provide a better customer experience, chatbots are becoming the most popular option for businesses, with virtual assistants also being heavily considered. 

47% of organisations are planning to implement chatbots for customer support services, and 40% are expected to adopt virtual assistants. (linchpin)

Of course, no matter how accurately they are programmed, chatbots won’t be exactly like humans – but they are being made to be human-like. They will be programmed to match human behaviours and provide the best experience possible. 

We’re beginning to see businesses use conversational AI chatbots and agent-supporting chatbots. 

Conversational AI Bots 

Conversational AI is the technology that makes that possible. It allows artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like chatbots to interact with people in a humanlike way. By bridging the gap between human and computer language, it makes communication between the two easy and natural.

Technologies such as Amazon Alexa, iOS Siri and Google Home have enhanced the communication between humans and AI; communication with bots is preferred, rather than seeking answers on our own. The chatbots will be programmed to be told what to say in response to exact keywords and train the bot for every foreseeable scenario.

Agent-supporting AI assistants

AI assistants backed by Conversational AI platforms will help human customer service agents with internal support while they interact with customers. 

They are usually used for businesses to enhance their customer service function; to answer routine customer queries or handle simple problems. For example, virtual agents are often used for initial customer interactions with chat features on websites. They can also be directed to this via social media platforms. 

This also becomes very helpful to businesses in terms of dealing with employee-driven needs. For example, with companies with IT departments, whilst the help-desk team deals with more complex, the digital assistant can aid to tasks for employees such as password resetting. 

Marketers will be looking at how they can utilise chatbots effectively in their strategies and build successful customer/client communication whilst taking advantage of this science technology and bringing success to the business. 


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