Co-Op To Your Door!

We've all woken up, opened our fridges and realised that we need to do some shopping. How many of us have wondered:"I wish I had I had a robot to deliver my groceries?" Well it looks like that's finally happening now! 

The Co-op have started to deliver groceries to customers in Milton Keynes during 2018, by using cute robots that are created by Starship Technologies. These 'ground drones' have delivered approximately 200 different products over the past four weeks. In order for the robot to deliver groceries to your home, customers will have to pay £1, which will then go to Starship. 

Starship announced that they had plans to launch around 1000 bots in the Europe and the US. A staff picker will load the items into a box inside the robot and then the robot will then be directed to the customers house and they will then have to enter a unique code to then access their shopping. There have been some robots that have been created to resemble humans and have that interaction, whereas these cute robots have a specific duty to deliver shopping. 

Could we see these robots delivering groceries on a regular basis around the whole country?