Could Pop-Up Ads Be Blocked For Good?

The whole purpose of advertising is pretty much to win people over. So when you choose the wrong time, when a customer is not in the mood. Then the subtle art of persuasion just becomes annoying.

How many times have you been online and you hit a website with those annoying adverts that pop-up out of nowhere, blocking your view? They never really sell anything useful and pro ably too little in the way of revenues for website businesses, yet, they still thrive. In this day and age with so much internet traffic and so much competition in the trade, anything that reduces the online shopping experiences is bound to jeopardise successful sales.  For so long it seems nobody really wants to fix this problem.

Google know the internet. They know what the internet consumer experiences and how to make the digital advertising industry better as it rolls out its long-awaited internet pop-up ad blocker this week.

People like shopping on the internet, we know this but advertisers should realise it has to be on their terms. The customer is always right, remember!

So clearly Google is more in sync with changes in the shopping market place when they see what is an annoyance to most internet suffers and proactively decide to eliminate it.

It is not, however, ALL adverts and Google make that pretty clear. They have gone to extra lengths to evaluate which types of adverts most people find annoying. In a survey conducted with 40k internet users, they managed to narrow down and target those most annoying. Unsurprisingly the ads that pop up and block the screen were top of the list.

So they have decided to make the websites themselves accountable.