Darktrace: An Enterprise Immune System For Cyber Defence

Darktrace is a revolutionary Enterprise Immune System for cyber security, designed using new machine learning techniques. Inspired by the principles of the human immune system, composed by Cambridge University Mathematicians.

Cyber threats are persistent and likely to already be inside an organisations network. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System detects persistent advanced threats, unidentified cyber threats and emerging anomalies that by pass all other security controls in real time before crisis strikes.

The Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning technology that uses mathematical models to establish an evolving understanding of every device, user and network to recognise ‘normal’ network behaviour. Without using signature patterns or having seen the threat before, Darktrace can therefore detect malicious internet behaviour.

It’s uniques capabilities include;

  • Self-learning technology powered by maths and unsupervised machine learning.
  • Models behaviour within the network.
  • Begins analysis from first day of deployment.
  • Behavioural monitoring for users, devices and enterprise.
  • Darktrace is adaptive and ‘normal’ network baseline is continuously refined.
  • Cyber Threat Analysts can detect malicious insiders and unknown advanced threat actors early

The Dartktrace Enterprise Immune System and managed service solution is best understood through a 1 hour demonstration. In addition to showing you the technology and functionality of the solution, the Cyberseer team will work with you to determine how we can best enhance your existing security services and practices.