Digital Cameras Vulnerable To Hacking

Cybercrime is at an all-time high at the moment, with cyber criminals constantly finding new ways to hack into systems and cyber-security experts finding ways to prevent systems from falling victim to cyber-attacks. We’re aware of devices such as: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones being potential targets for hackers, but analysts have recently revealed that DSLR Cameras are also vulnerable to hackers. 

A report that was recently released by analysts at check-point software Technologies revealed how they were able to remotely install ransomware on a digital camera by exploiting the standardized Picture Transfer Protocol. The protocol which is designed to allow the transfer of a picture from a camera to a computer, via WiFi, is an easy target researchers say. 

Due to the program being unauthenticated, this means that it’s not protected by a password or does not have any security measures put in place. It can also be exploited through USB or WiFi. 'Today’s cameras are embedded digital devices that connect to our computers using USB, and the newest models even support WiFi,' say the researchers.

'While USB and WiFi are used to import our pictures from the camera to our mobile phone or PC, they also expose our camera to its surrounding environment.' Whilst carrying out their research, analysts also designed a bug in which would allow them to encrypt a message on the device, which would display a message from hackers, demanding money in exchange for any pictures they would have captured. It’s clear any digital device could be now a target for hackers, the wisest thing we can all do is make sure any device has appropriate security measures in place.