Digital & Ecommerce Trends With Daniel Tiffany

It’s been a difficult and frustrating year for businesses due to the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, businesses have taken more of an digital and online approach to keep business alive and service their consumers.

In this edition of The Blu Digital Podcast, Jack Johnson sits down with Daniel Tiffany, currently Director at Dream Big Digital, to discuss what the past year has been like, which digital trends we could expect to see in the next few years and what Digital and Ecommerce could look like in the long term. 

Daniel speaks about his own experience as a business owner in the last year, as well as which sectors have shown progress through the pandemic. Daniel also touches upon sectors such as PPC and Paid Social and how they have helped small to medium-sized businesses; as well as the need for businesses to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. 

Watch the full conversation below and you can connect with Daniel Tiffany on LinkedIn