Digital Jobs In Demand For 2021

The world has faced much disruption since the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, many businesses have suffered greatly, leading to loss of jobs and a lack of opportunities. 

Candidates now find themselves competing in a tight talent pool, with the pressure to stand out and appeal to employers who now seek specific skill-sets. 

According to Pound Sterling Live, the UK unemployment forecast is set to hit 9.0% in 2021. 

A key step towards securing your new role in 2021 is to research the sectors which are high in demand, as well as the required skill-sets that employers are looking for in candidates. 

Covid-19 has somewhat reshaped the future of digital. Businesses that had an online presence before the pandemic, have had to enhance their activity to suit user needs; and those who didn’t, had to adapt towards a digital strategy to keep business alive. 

Realising there has now been a shift in the demand for digital skills, Microsoft launched their initiative to help 25 million people around the world acquire digital skills. 

As employers seek specific digital skills, as well as those with flexible skills, it’s important to realise the skills employers expect you to be equipped with in 2021. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, here are some of the jobs in demand for 2021: 

Digital Marketing Specialists 

As we mentioned before, some companies pre-pandemic, were operating comfortably and did not need an online presence. However, due to restrictions across offices and shops on the high-street, they now needed an alternative to keep business alive and retain customers. 

Transitioning to the digital field was now vital, and as a result, hiring digital marketing professionals has become a priority. Working at most levels (from executive to director) candidates that wish to pursue a career in Digital Marketing can specialise in anything from SEO to Google Ads to Social Media. 

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers could be well in-demand in 2021. As the amount of marketing campaigns looks set to increase, there could be many opportunities for graphic designers. If you have a passion for graphic design and have decent experience, your next opportunity could be lying in wait. 

It’s not just permanent opportunities that will be available, but contractors could also be the most sought after. Start-ups, entrepreneurs and those with independent businesses will be looking for someone to execute awesome graphics. 

The most-skilled graphic designers often have experience with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. 

Data Analysts  

Consumer habits are vital towards marketing strategies. Being able to identify your audiences’ habits, both online and offline, this will be vital towards knowing when to target campaigns and how to analyse the data. 

As companies begin to realise the importance of data, analysts will be high in demand. For those who wish to succeed in such a position, they will need to be familiar with tools such as Google analytics, as well as CRMs and other reporting tools. 

Web Engineers/Designers 

Ecommerce businesses have faced increased activity since the beginning of the pandemic; and consumers are spending hours on end shopping for their essentials on various online stores. Again, as business look to adapt to digital for the long term, skilled web designers and engineers will be sought after in 2021. 

Providing users with the best possible experience is a top priority for many organisations; however, that can be difficult if your website doesn’t reflect your service. There are various online tools available that help you construct a website for business or personal use. Developing this in-demand skill could help you land your next role.  

IT Professionals

Those working in IT would have faced a very busy time in 2020; due to the increased number of people working from home. Ensuring that systems are operating as usual and data is protected, would have been on the priority list for IT professionals. Access to systems and data from home, has made all businesses prone to cyberattacks. 

Remote-work seems to be the immediate future for many businesses; with the future of traditional office work unknown, businesses will be on the lookout for top IT professionals to secure business systems and keep them running smoothly. 

Flexible Skills 

During a difficult time for employers and staff in general; businesses have unfortunately had to make changes to personnel which has led to many people losing their jobs. In a bid to save costs, businesses now seek workers that possess flexible skills; candidates that are able to do more than one role effectively. 

This may mean that those within marketing are able to help out with administrative duties. Possessing both technical and soft skills is a major advantage, and will ensure you are versatile in your position. 

Working remotely has also opened up a range of possibilities to operate in other roles. Digital has offered the possibility of collaborating with others effectively via various team-meeting systems such as Trello. 

A few of the other jobs in demand include: 

Social Media Managers – Businesses that have had to make a swift transition to digital and online may be on the lookout for social media managers to maintain their online presence. Social media managers will be creating intriguing posts and new ideas, designing a strategy and connecting with followers to maintain a good relationship. 

Data Entry Assistants -Businesses who are working on a new database to store information on customers, may need a hand with data entry. This may not be one of the most attractive roles, but it’s a good place to start and it doesn’t require much experience.
If you have a good Spotify playlist, you can listen to your  favourite tracks whilst moving data around. 

Bloggers/Copywriters – Copywriters can work from anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. If you’re keen on writing and write your own blogs on a regular basis, maybe give it a go. Businesses could be seeking copywriters to write interesting and engaging articles whilst maintain a smooth online tone.  

Video Production/ Video Editing  - Video editing is as popular as ever nowadays and there is a huge demand for video editors. Whether you’re working for a business or operating as a freelancer, there’ll be range of clients lining up to request talented video editors to produce amazing videos! If you edit videos as a hobby, perhaps consider a career in it. This will build your portfolio and reputation. 

Website Testers - Website testers makes sure that websites run smoothly and are customer-friendly before (and after) they are launched. Ensuring a website meets customer needs is very important and it is cost-effective for businesses to pay for a tester than fix a number of errors whilst dealing with complaints. Those with programming skills and able to spot errors could be a good fit for a role like this. 

Software Developers - Apps are being built on a daily basis; as the scale of digital engagement grows. Those with software development skills will be required in order to help businesses build applications to aid business procedures and maintaining a steady presence online. 

2020 changed the way many businesses operate, which led to changes in strategies and personnel.  With the opportunities available in 2021, this allows you to assess your skill-set and equip yourself based on which skills are most sought after. 

Whether you’re seeking a permanent or contract role, Blu Digital is here to help you in your journey to landing your next opportunity.