Digital Marketing job vacancies are on the rise

Often when a financial crisis strikes, the marketing department is often one of the first areas to take a hit. The Covid-19 pandemic proved no different. However, we’re steadily seeing the economy open up again heading into the winter season, and there is reason to be optimistic, as recruiters report on the rise in the number of marketing opportunities available. 

According to data collated by Reed, given to Marketing Week, there was a 302% rise in six months to August 2021, compared to the same time last year, when the pandemic was at it’s peak. 

April last year saw an all-time low in the amount of marketing jobs available (2,125 vacancies), but by the halfway point of 2021, we have seen the number of opportunities rise to 14,055, seeing an increase of 561%.

This will be welcome news to not only recruiters, but the thousands of job-seekers, including new University graduates. 

As the shift to online has been in full swing in the last year and a half, businesses are looking to maintain a strong online presence, and looking for marketing professionals as a result. According to the data, marketing managers have been in popular demand; positions paying from £25,000 and £50,000 have accounted for 65% of available vacancies. 

This could not only be a new start for senior marketing professionals seeking a new challenge, but also for new emerging professionals. This is due to many large organisations are offering graduate schemes and apprenticeships. Although this is a positive, experts have also warned that the increase in job opportunities now won’t necessarily cover all the roles that were cut over the past 18 months. 

There is still a big hole to fill, however, signs are positive of a strong recovery.