Digital marketing tips this Halloween

What’s the first thing that comes to mind as soon as 1st October arrives? Well, if you said Halloween, then that wouldn’t be a surprise – and Halloween will be on the minds of the majority of brands during the month of October. 

From spooky personalised campaigns to giveaways and promotion deals, brands will be searching for ways to get creative and take advantage of Halloween. Are you looking for ways to incorporate Halloween into your digital marketing? We’ve got some tips for you! 

Halloween-themed marketing campaigns 

A Halloween-themed marketing campaign is the perfect way to get your audience in Halloween mood. This could be a social media post, email campaign or push notifications notifying customers of special deals throughout the month of October. 

For those specialising in PPC, analysing and understanding the right times to advertise could be an effective way to gain return on investment – with seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas yet to come.

It’s not uncommon to see Halloween banners and pop-ups on websites – BOO!     

Use relevant hashtags 

One of the most effective ways in which you can gain attention to your products; it may be a product or a competition. Once your Halloween product or competition has been given it’s distinctive look, use a hashtag on social media to get the ball rolling. 

A number of well-known brands have created hashtags over the years to promote holiday-special deals. Starbucks Coffee: #WitchsBrewFrappuccino – Burger King: #ScaryClownNight - Target: #TagAndTreat. 

Time for a giveaway? 

As we all know, special seasons and occasions are no strangers to giveaway competitions, and Halloween is no different. A giveaway is a great way to drive engagement, interaction and also brand awareness. Giveaways can range from tasty treats to fantastic accessories. 

Digital Halloween decorations

Prepare to see many websites and social channels embrace the season of Halloween by incorporating small web design features. Customers can expect a ‘darker’ theme with spiders, cobwebs and pumpkins to get them in the Halloween mindset. 

Businesses and professionals looking for digital decorations can visit to make their holidays ‘special’.

Trick or Treat? 

As well as fun giveaways and themed campaigns, online activities are gold for driving engagement and retaining website visitors. Perhaps an online version of trick or treat? Hiding treats across various web pages and setting tasks for users to find them (with rewards) could be a fun way to keep visitors for longer; we expect brands to be driving loyalty rewards with such incentives this Halloween. 

Product branding 

As well as digital branding, adding a spooky touch to physical product branding can be just as effective. Whether it’s advertised products or stationary for the office, there are many ways in which you can get in the Halloween mood throughout October. 

There are plenty of ways to get creative this Halloween whilst driving traffic & engagement, and making sales. As every sector and industry is different, which makes it difficult to see what suits and what doesn’t, we’re sure your creative juices will find a way to utilize Halloween into your marketing strategy this year.