Digital Shadows: Protection In The Digital World

In a time where we become more digital, more and more businesses, companies and organizations have an online presence. However, this online presence can be plagued with threats, hacks and leaks. All of which the start-up Digital Shadows are looking to prevent with their programme - SearchLight. Digital Shadows is a cyber security start-up based in both London and San Francisco. It was founded in 2011 by Alastair Paterson and James Chappell who created the programme which protects companies from digital risks such as hacking and leaks which in turn 'keeps your business, brand and reputation safe'. 

The Digital Shadows SearchLight programme uses data analytics and human data analysts in order to protect your organization from several digital risks which include: Cyber Threat, Data Exposure, Brand Exposure, Third Party Risk, VIP Exposure, Physical Threat and Infrastructure Exposure. It also monitors more than 100 million sources to detect leaks, breaches and attacks.

The future looks promising for the start-up as among their clients are many large banks, and Eileen Burbidge, Digital Shadows' investor director says with their expansion across Europe and the US they wish to branch out to Asia next. Also, the recent successful round of funding for Digital Shadows gives the Government's Minister of state for Digital and Culture, Matt Hancock an inkling that 'the momentum of British tech "is strong" and cements the UK as "the place to start and grow a tech business"'.