Digital Skills For Army Veterans

Facebook plan to provide approximately 300 army veterans with digital skills, should they want to start their own business. This is part of Facebook’s initiative to provide equal opportunity for military personnel. 

However, Facebook has been at the subject of much criticism following data leaks as well as the way in which they have handled and misused user data. The government has since called for social media platforms to do more when it comes to protecting their users. Only 2% of army veterans have started their own business, however Facebook has vowed to support those who wish to start their businesses, through armed forces charities Heropreneurs and X-Forces. 

Worldwide, Facebook has committed to helping one million people gain digital skills by 2020, as well as investing 789 billion pounds, to help find and grow businesses. In a recent event, Facebook also added that veterans will also be given support via the company’s Boost training platform, which they describe as its “one-stop-shop for small businesses, job-seekers, and other community leaders” looking to expand their digital skillset.

In a statement, Facebook said “That's because when small businesses grow and hire, our communities benefit too, which is what Boost with Facebook is all about,” Former deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg who took over as Facebook’s head of global affairs last year — said the company wanted to work with governments on regulation “that fosters competition, encourages innovation, and protects consumers.”