Digital to play key role in Primark marketing push

Popular high-street retailer, Primark, have announced their plans to deliver “more personalised content” to customers, by highlighting the crucial role digital will play in the marketing mix. 

Whilst loyal customers have pondered the reasons behind Primark’s lack of digital presence, the retailer has been steadily working on the design and development of a new digital platform, whilst recruiting digital talent to create a “digital capability within the business”. 

“For those people that follow us, it will be a much more engaging experience,” explained Primark owner ABF’s finance director John Bason.

“You’ll be able to see ‘What does Primark sell?’ and more importantly ‘What does Primark sell in my local store?’

Whilst Primark are not ready to operate an Ecommerce website, their new platform which is set to be launched in 2022, is a “new and improved customer-facing website”, which will allow customers to view a large showcase of Primark’s products, which they can find information on availability by store. 

“Digital has a critical role to play as part of Primark’s marketing mix and we are now investing in a market-leading digital platform, a key component of which will be the launch of a new customer-facing Primark website early in the next calendar year.” Explained in the trading review. 

“The improved functionality of the website will allow us to showcase a much larger proportion of the Primark range and provide to customers range availability by store.

“We are also strengthening our digital marketing capability to enable us to deliver more personalised content to customers.”

Whilst their high-street competitors have an online presence, acquiring sales in-store and via their respective online stores, Primark’s popularity is not in question. In a trading update which was posted on the 13th of September, Primark said it expects sales in the second half of the financial year to reach £3.4bn. The profit forecast for the full year is now ahead of the profit delivered in 2020.

Primark has 376 stores across Europe, which includes 189 branches in the UK.