Ecommerce Trends With Anna Holloway

Many sectors have faced difficulties and had to adjust following the impact of Covid-19. One of the sectors that has seen progression and a ‘boom’ during this period is the Ecommerce sector. Consumer shopping habits have changed over the last few months and brands’ have been working to adapt. 

The rise in online shopping has been largely down to high-street retailers having to shut down in order to comply with UK government restrictions. 

Anna Holloway features on the latest edition of The Blu Digital Chat. Anna has extensive experience in digital and Ecommerce working in fields such as health and wellness, cosmetics and various beauty brands. Anna discusses the trends that we can expect in the next few years, her experiences with businesses she’s consulted with and what the world of digital and Ecommerce could look like post-covid. 

Watch the full conversation below and you can connect with Anna Holloway on LinkedIn