Facebook’s New Tool To Boost Covid-19 Vaccination Effort

Life as we knew it has changed over time, and all of our daily and annual habits have taken a drastic change in a bid to slow the spread of Covid-19. 

Social events such as gatherings, concerts and attending live sporting events have been put on hold, and hopefully we’ll be able to do those again soon. 

As the UK government introduced the vaccination scheme earlier this year, a tremendous effort has been made by the public to be vaccinated (should they wish to) in a bid to see society open up again safely. 

Facebook are also playing a part; they have introduced a new tool to help boost efforts globally. This tool has been released for US users. The tool is designed to show users in the US where they can get vaccinated; and also provides links which allows them to make appointments for vaccinations, should they wish to do so. 

Facebook also plan to expand its Covid information centre to Instagram, to push awareness further. 

Like its main app, Facebook will also look to promote the info centre at the top of user feeds in Instagram, while it's also adding new stickers for Instagram Stories. 

Users are able to express and share their vaccinations and contributions towards a safer and healthy world. 

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