Facebook's 'Privacy Is Personal' Campaign

Facebook’s issues over the last year or so have caused the digital and social media world to be ‘extra cautious’ over the way data is handled. Users have also been encouraged to take extra care of their personal information when using these social media platforms. 

As a result of the increasing scrutiny surrounding social media and Facebook in particular, Facebook launched its ‘Privacy is Personal’ campaign. This campaign involved Facebook teaming up with Digital Marketing Agency, Possible to encourage Brits to take advantage of the privacy settings on their social media accounts. This campaign (which has been launched) is set to run for ten weeks across the UK, with ads across Facebook, Instagram, video-on-demand, cinema, print, and audio. 

A recent survey conducted by YouGov, revealed that almost nine million UK citizens do not know how to customize their privacy settings on social media. The whole purpose of the Privacy is Personal campaign centers around each user’s individual wants and needs when it comes to Facebook privacy, including who can see their photos and posts. "We often hear that people aren't aware that some of these features exist, or don't know where to find them," explains Aaron Hoffman, UK marketing manager for Facebook. "So, we have a responsibility to get the word out so that people know how to manage their privacy settings."

This is a great way for not only those who use social media now but new users who are thinking of joining platforms such as Facebook in the future.