Female Marketing Careers Suffer Setback Due To Covid

All industries have taken a massive hit due to the impact of Covid-19; and the digital industry has been no different. 

As those out of work are looking for new opportunities, those in digital considered quitting their jobs. According to recent research by LinkedIn, who revealed to Marketing Week, almost two thirds (69%) of female marketers considered quitting their jobs due to Covid-19. 

This is sparingly high for the marketing industry, and was seen as the highest in the industry and it was followed by women working in creative (57%) and finance (53%). 

Responses were gained from respondents across various industries across the world. According to LinkedIn via Marketing Week, the research revealed that 42% of women believe the pandemic caused their career to be put on hold – causing a major setback. Workers in the finance industry (45%) and IT industry (50%) fared worse. 

Ngaire Moyes, LinkedIn senior director of brand and communication, believes the recent findings do not make good news. 

“The data tells a pretty bleak story,”. Ngraire went on to add: “It certainly feels that this is going to take a lot of time to recover from. And more than that, is the fact that when you see women exit the workplace, you don’t have those women there, acting as mentors, bringing up more junior women.

“You lose that whole community and all that progress. Which is harder to define, but all women can relate to that in the workplace. When there are more of you, when you make up a greater share, then it is easier to be represented and see a path forward.”

The figures for marketing create a broader picture of women suffering the consequences of Covid-19 when it comes to their careers. Globally, 49% of women say their career has been set back or put on hold. More than a quarter say their employer has offered no support during the pandemic; whilst 43% of all respondents also say they either considered leaving the workforce or actually did so.

The pandemic caused workplaces and schools to close, which meant more women undertaking care duties at home. 

“It’s a perfect storm. If you’re a working parent trying to juggle managing a household, home schooling, having a job,” says Ngraire Moyes. “Progressive companies have put in place things like flexible options.”

LinkedIn launched their “#WeCanDoIt” International Womens Day Youtube video on 8th March, to see how women share their experiences of Covid and how they were supported in their communities. 

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