FIFA 22 sells 77% of digital copies

Gamers across various platforms have been able to benefit from online gaming for a number of years now. In addition to competing against fellow gamers across the world from the comfort of their own homes, they can also complete digital downloads of not only games (DLC content too), but movies and music. 

The shift to purchasing and downloading games digitally rather than obtaining a physical copy, has been evident, especially during the last tear and a half. 

According to Statista, In 2020,consumer spending on digital video games amounted to £3.6 billion, up 16.3% from £3.1 billion the previous year. Digital accounted for the majority of gaming sales in the United Kingdom.

One of the more popular video games for the last decade has been EA Sports’ bestseller, FIFA. FIFA has outsold competitors such as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer for a straight decade – this year has been no different! 

According to GSD (Game Sales Data), 77% of FIFA 22’s opening week sales were via digital stores. Physical copy sales were down by 34%, compared with FIFA 21 sales the previous year. As physical purchases of FIFA declined, digital purchases grew. 

Now, there are various reasons why gamers have opted to acquire their favourite games digitally, but with FIFA in particular, they have offered gamers certain perks such as the Ultimate Edition; which allows players to access the game early - only available via digital stores such as the PSN store. 

2.26 million digital games were sold in the UK during September, and 1.1 million physical copies. 

With the success of digital sales for FIFA 22, will see a similar number for other titles?