Fitness Apps to keep you going!

During this official lockdown period, I have made it my mission to ensure I keep active, stick to a schedule, and keep some sanity and focus!

Along with all the other question marks everyone has about being at home on more of a full-time basis for at LEAST 3 weeks, one of them is how to keep motivated in maintaining your exercise routine during this time, when you will not be walking/cycling to work, going to the gym on your lunch break or doing any group activity. 

I know that after nearly 2 weeks of social distancing, exercise has definitely helped me with clarity during this situation, which is a new one for most people! 

The first port of call would be to support your local instructors who should have an online option or programme that they have set up so you can continue being active at home. However, if you either do not have a fitness community or are looking for something to add to what you are doing, I have outlined a few options that I have tried or currently doing myself, to help filter all of the fitness options going online during this period: 

HIIT and Body Weight

Moveyourframe will be doing online classes from this week. Many of you will know the popular franchise if you are based in London and many will be regulars there already. They have great dance classes and body combat, as well as Yoga. Sign up on Instagram.

FIIT TV is a leading fitness app that has a large number of 25 min sessions across strength, cardio and stretch. I am signed up for this one and highly recommend for the short blast sessions- pay monthly option. Download on Android or iPhone. Sign up today: 

Equipment based training

If you either normally do your workouts from home or have equipment ready to go (or plan on purchasing some), LesMills is great for equipment-based training. They have the fundamentals such as body pump (with bars and plates) to cycle classes if you have a fully stacked home gym. I am also signed up to this one and love it! Pay monthly option, some gyms are giving free access if their classes are officially Les Mills based. Download on Android or iPhone. Sign up for Les Mills UK here:

If you prefer going at your own pace

Centrfit is now doing 6 weeks free, this includes workouts, meal plans, and yoga, and the app has been created by the trainers of Chris Hemsworth. I have been on this one before, very good if you are wanting meal prep ideas as part of a full approach to health and fitness. Download on Android and iPhone. Sign up to Centrfit here: 

Free Workouts

Good Ole' Joe Wicks- has been doing this for years and has introduced a morning PE session which most of you have probably done this morning! This has kicked off in a big way and helps you and your family stay active during our 3 weeks (or more) lockdown period. 

Follow along on youtube- he provides other HIIT workouts you can do at home and also meal ideas.

Bradley Simmonds - PT and Fitness influencer- he has introduced a weekly class schedule on Instagram Live which you can follow along on your android or iPhone.

Good luck and remember to keep it moving!

Written by Sarah Jane Balch