Girls led the way in ‘basic’ digital skills in 2023: EU

Just like the workplace, digital initiatives are being spread across schools and universities not only in the UK but across Europe. Schools are increasingly becoming a safe space for children to explore digital opportunities, enhancing their skills. 

According to Eurostat, 68% of girls aged 16-19 in the EU had at least ‘basic’ digital skills in 2023; exceeding the share of the general population (56%). 

In contrast, 65% of boys in the same age bracket were recorded as having basic digital skills; however, across various age groups, 75% of men and women aged 20-24 and 25-34 respectively had basic digital skills. 

The countries in the EU with the highest number of girls with digital skills were Finland and Croatia (96% each), Czechia (95%). In contrast, the countries with the lowest number of girls with digital skills were Romania (44%), Germany (46%) and Bulgaria (54%). 

The data was recorded and published by Eurostat to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day; which took place on April 25th. 

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