Global Mobile Data Usage To Hit 67 Billion Gigabytes By 2021

A recent research conducted by giffgaff indicates that by 2021 there will be a 72% rise in global data usage, and this is due to the increase of mobile video streaming. Currently the average monthly usage is roughly 2GB (Giffgaff,2017), in the next four years it was estimated that the average individual use will rise to 5GB. 

This study suggest that consumers mostly use mobile devices to follow online content, such as; watching the news, checking the weather forecast, catching up with favourite shows, book holidays, gaming and other. Web browsing via mobiles phone is more personal and convenient for consumers, we already know that consumers are not watching TV as they used to 10 years ago, everything is available on mobile. 

Furthermore the research showed that customers rarely use text messaging and minute allowances, this is because people message each other via WhatsApp or Facebook not text message, and it could also suggest that individual prefer texting than talking on the phone. The advancement in digital technology allowed the growth of mobile usage, and the demand of more data will automatically increase to keep up with the current trend.

In terms of mobile operating system last month Android officially surpassed Windows, the difference between the two OS is by 0.02% (global figure).  

Microsoft have been reigning since the 80s, the OS market has become competitive, however this result can change anytime, as Microsoft are continuing to bring innovations to the table, such as combining a desktop and a smartphone with a single Microsoft powered phone. 

Big opportunity for the smartphone industry, as more individuals are using mobile phone the stronger the need to own a unique and innovative product.