Goodsam: An App To Save Lives

Many a time we have heard about the strain on the NHS and the services it provides, among them, their ambulance services. The amount of ambulances on the road is stretched and they fail to reach the person in need efficiently and as a result other means are needed to put in place to help those who rely on these service and some point in time. 

This is where GoodSAM comes in.  The name GoodSAM stands for Good Smartphone Activated Medics and it is an international app that allows you to call the emergency services, but at the same time it will notify nearby medical professionals who are qualified in First Aid and will be able to help the alerter whilst they are waiting for the emergency services.  

The chances of being near an off-duty police officer, paramedic or fireman when in need are high. As a result, this app is a fantastic idea to help those who need help the most, especially when certain medical services of ours are strained.