Grenfell Tower - The Power Of Social Media

On 14th June 2017, London witnessed one of the most terrible and unexpected tragedies for a long time when Grenfell Tower, based in West London, North Kesignton caught fire.  The 24-storey, 220-foot (67 m) high tower block caught fire, killing many residents in the block, including mant young children. The death toll has still not been confirmed, as concerns rise for families still searching for loved ones.

The tragedy shook everybody. Every news broadcast station around the world instantly turned it's attention to the horrific scenes in North Kesignton. The police, ambulances and fire services worked tirelessly for 24 hours, as they looked to rescue residents and also assist people who may have been very badly injured. The whole community came together to also try and help residents who were trying to escape, however in certain situations they were powerless and were advised not to put their own lives in danger by the medical services.Social media really makes a positive impact during awful events like these. Within 24 hours of the tragedy, there were campaigns on Twitter from people wanting to help the victims of the fire. People not just from London, but all over the country went to North Kesington to help the victims with whatever they needed. This included, food, drinks, clothing, footwear and even offering temporary shelter. Celebrities also got invilved too. World famous pop star, Adele and Rita Ora volunteered.

It would seem the power of Social Media didn't just affect the situation, but other users social Media accounts. One Instagram user named as "djisla_" has seen her followers increase by the day as she began interviewing people of the North Kesignton community about their opinions on recent events.In situations like this, it doesn't matter about someones background, religion or public status, we are all people. Everybody comes together to help one another. A few days after the fire, there was a candelit vigil to remeber the victims of the fire. Although there have been a lot of positive messages to victims because of this tragedy, people have also become angry and frustarted as to why this tragedy was not prevented.UK, Prime minister Therea May and other politicians faced a lot of criticism from angry protestors. She faced cires "coward" and "shame on you" when she returned to the site of the fire in west London after being criticised for not meeting victims straight after the fire.

Music is a massive thing not just in the UK, but all over the world. It can send out positive and powerful messages. A few weeks after the Grenfell Tower, World famous televison judge and producer, Simon Cowell decided to release a single featuring famous artists in the UK. The artisits included Stormzy, Rita Ora and Liam Payne.