Halloween Playing It’s Part in Marketing

As the famous holiday approaches, Halloween not only takes effect on our doorsteps (yes, trick or treaters), our TV screens (Scream again?) or parties (who are you dressing up as this year?) but also in marketing. 

Businesses, in particular Ecommerce companies, will be considering various campaigns to integrate into their marketing strategy to engage with their audiences and boost sales. 

We’ll look at a few ways businesses could see success in their campaigns with Halloween. 

The power of a loyalty rewards program

There are many benefits that come with a loyalty rewards program. Finding a way to begin one with customers can pose a challenge for businesses. Holiday-related programs could be a great way to test the waters and see how customers react. Large online companies may offer double reward points on Halloween-related purchases, or gift-cards on purchases made during the week leading up to Halloween. 

Digital Decorations 

Prepare to see many websites and social channels embrace the season of Halloween by incorporating small web design features. Customers can expect a ‘darker’ theme with spiders, cobwebs and pumpkins to get them in the Halloween mindset. 

Businesses and professionals looking for digital decorations can visit https://atmosfx.com/ to make their holidays ‘special’. 

Marketing to attract customers 

The access to various marketing tools, allows businesses to reach out to their customers and make them aware about the way they’re celebrating the holiday. Social media channels and email marketing campaigns make customers aware of any holiday specials or promotions.

Competition Time! 

It’s not a surprise to see social channel followings and engagement grow in a short space of time, due to a holiday-related competition. 

Giveaways are a common and effective way to attract new customers. Whether it’s a gift card or free product, it will create long term loyalty from winners.  

Trick or Treat Time! 

One of the more engaging elements businesses will integrate, will be interactive features and games. Both adults and kids enjoy trick or treating, so why can’t an online version be just as fun? 

By businesses setting up an online trick or treat hunt that rewards participants with digital 'treats’ such as promotions or discounts, they’re encouraging visitors to browse their site and adding an extra perks for doing so. 

There are many ways in which Halloween can play a part in a digital strategy. Whether it’s achieving more sales, engagement or retaining customers, Halloween, like many other holidays, can do just that. Once an audience’s interests and trigger points have been identified, a successful marketing campaign isn’t far away.