Has Technology Made Finding a Job Easier?

Finding a job after finishing University has always been a challenge and very time consuming. However, in recent years the increase of tuition fees, uncertainty of getting a well-paid job and prospects of getting onto the work ladder looking harder to achieve, a number companies have decided to create a large database offering a variety of different roles through the use of different technological platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, forums such as student rooms, mobile apps and online recruitment websites.

Gone are the days of handing in physical CV’s? 

Many companies are now competing on digital platforms. One way they are trying to achieve this is through the use of online CV’s. A number of companies are allowing potential employees to upload their CV’s onto the webpage additionally, they are sending CV’s to third parties recruiters and companies, this allows a wider range of potential employers to scout for potential employees to fill in job positions. This has resulted in a lot of young people finding jobs in sectors that they never thought would be possible due to companies finding employees on social platforms because technology has created a community where potential employees have a digital footprint making it easy to track them.


The introduction of LinkedIn has actually changed the dynamic of companies, employees, employers and brands. It has brought a community of job searchers, brands, employees and employers together. LinkedIn has allowed job users to showcase their experience. Also, it allows skills and talent to be seen by a wide range of people resulting in endorsements which makes a really good impression.

Interview Process

The introduction of technology has resulted in interviews now being able to be conduct in different ways, very different from the traditional method of physical face to face interviews. Now, interviews can be done in the comfort of your home through the use of Skype and Google hangout. This is sure to be a trend that is set to continue for a long time.

Digital and technology has allowed job-seekers to be able to find opportunities in a variety of ways. Connecting online has been a major influence on businesses scouting talent and candidates being exposed to opportunities.