How Digital Has Changed The Way We Advertise Products

Advertising products is a huge industry in its self, as the skills to grab attention and draw in customers to purchase a product can be tricky in such a demanding time. As adverts become more common and seem to ‘pop-up’ everywhere, we are beginning to completely ignore and dismiss them. We have gone from just seeing adverts in papers, on billboards or in an advert on tv, to being promoted in between our friends Snapchat stories, or within our social media news feeds.

As the Digital World becomes more dominant, according to The Marketing People, 81% of shoppers conduct online research first, as they want to be able to surf through reviews, getting an insight as to what they are going to purchase. Reviews are a type of advertisement in their self, as they are promoting the reliability, function, and general opinion on the product. In the last few years, reviews have been turned to constantly for guidance on whether or not a product should be bought, these reviews are accessible in many ways such as on the product website, on youtube, or social media accounts, within promotions. 

Online advertising can also be very personal and skillfully catered for you. 'Cookies' are a company's way of tracking what you search for and spend your time looking at online, to create adverts that are most likely to grab your attention, and promote products that are best suited for you. For example, if you constantly browsed through makeup and clothing, most of the adverts that you see online, embedded in your web pages, will be stuff you have previously looked at, or very similar products. Advertising has become much more personal rather than general, as companies take a more direct approach at sharing products.

The nature of advertising has also changed. Companies are beginning to feel as though people are ignoring adverts more and more, and so, therefore, brands need to try to make their adverts exciting and different to others. 

Direct advertising such as emailing new products and company information to someone is also a new way that we advertise in the 21st century. Promotions can often be received into 'Junk Mail' folders, and due to peoples reluctance to open them, companies will include discount offers within the emails, making the advert much more appealing, as it seems more like a gift rather than simply endorsing customers to spend their money.