How Digital Has Changed The Way We Communicate

Social Media and the Digital Online world have proven to be a big part of society, as people are extremely reliant on their mobile phones. This has an effect on how we are communicating with others, as whilst we have such a broad social life behind a screen, in reality, we are beginning to lose our values of being communal.

Whilst online we are able to communicate with people all over the world we are developing relationships with people we could never get a chance to meet. Online there are no limits, and pretty much anyone is accessible. Social Media has allowed us to step away from a social life with those we know personally and indulge in one within our smartphones. This allows us to explore the world virtually, learning through others and through what we can find online. The Digital world has many benefits within communication, as connections are constantly being made, for whatever reason.

It is part of our human rights to have a Freedom of Speech, however this has only been fully accessed online. There have been countless examples where people have tried to speak what they preach, but have been stopped, however on Social Media platforms it is almost impossible to stop people from saying exactly what they want to. People put no filter on their contributions to the online world, and whilst this seems like a good thing, it has made people be less considerate of others and their feelings. By allowing people to speak so freely behind a screen, it can go one of two ways. They could either lose their confidence to speak out in person, as they feel unprotected by a screen, or they could become to openly spoken, and begin to abuse their own rights, and others. In addition, the online world allows people to quickly and clearly get their message across without being interrupted or stopped, and people find this to be a great benefit of the World Wide Web.

Social Media claims to be 'social', and a method of becoming confident. However throughout the years of a growing popularity and use of it, in reality people are beginning to lose their social skills as they have become so dependant on their online world. Conversations are beginning to become dull or even barely happening at all, as people are coming out of touch with confidence and to in touch with their phone screens. 

Not only has Social Media affected our confidence and ability to interact, but also our speaking and writing skills. Online we are exposed to thousands of abbreviations and words that have been created online, and they have managed to slip into our natural vocabulary and dialogue. People are starting to neglect the correct grammar and turn to twitter style communication instead. This takes away the authenticity of someones presence and the social connection as we become a walking online profile.

According to EMR & HIPPA, study's show that over 20% of mobile phone users turn to checking an illness online, instead of going straight to a GP. While this seems useful and quick, it isn't the most reliable method of diagnoses, and probably isn't safe. As your phone becomes your best friend, forever attached to you, you develop a sense of trust and dependence for whatever you read. This could therefore perhaps deter our trust in other humans, and place it on our devices.

Communicating with others online has proven to be a quick, easy and free way to access information or simply converse. Whilst this seems like a big advantage, it can also remove the dependence that we have on those around us, as we turn to our mobiles for help, advice, and care.