How Digital Marketing Changed In 2018

As we moved into different years, we found that digital marketing is always shifting, and trends were always changing. However, is this a good or bad thing? 

When it comes to these important shifts, businesses need to make sure that they are on top of their game. It is important to pay attention to these digital marketing shifts and most importantly, understand these trends as it will allow businesses to be more prepared and help them to adapt to these changes.  

Social Platforms 

The importance of social media plays a big part in these changes as it guides businesses to firstly, be aware of the latest trends using #hashtags & secondly, it allows them to react in an appropriate manner. Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular platforms continuously change as the months & years go by.  


In addition, the development of different technologies is rapidly growing due to high demand. No one likes plain, boring text, video content & GIFs are the latest evolving tech in the digital marketing world. If you are not convinced, here are some social media statics for 2018 that may be able to change your mind:  

According to 'Tech Crunch' YouTube viewers watch one billion hours of videos each day 

According to 'Tubular Insights' 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day 

According to 'Bloomberg' 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter 

Social influencer marketing is HUGE in the digital marketing world today. This can be very pressuring for marketers as their rival brands will be looking to develop more long-term relationships with key social media influencers. The key is to focus on building unbreakable relationships with influencers, this way, the brand collaboration will be more authentic rather than forced.  

Some businesses may agree to disagree on these changes, but what do you think, do you have to accept these changes if you want your organisation to continue to exist?