How to attract digital candidates in the present

As candidates continue to apply for roles, send across CV’s and build relationships; we are also seeing a small talent pool for them to compete in. As a result, we’re also seeing employers having to stand out to compete against industry competitors for the attention of these candidates.

With the increase in hybrid positions, recruiters and employers are reaching out to digital talent more often, giving them options to consider, but also ensuring employers step up their game to attract them. 

In order for you as an employer to experience a somewhat easier time scouting digital talent, we look at a few ways in which you can attract the best talent to fill in the necessary roles at their company. 


In order for candidates to be aware of your business or the vacancies that require filling, they firstly need to know who you are. Utilising your businesses social media channels to advertise the latest vacancies and business perks. We work with our clients to advertise their vacancies with company branding – including any bonuses or benefits packages. 

Think about what is important to a digital candidate and get that message across in your ads. 

Don’t forget to showcase the company culture – what’s it like to work for you? 

Support package 

Securing one candidates is one thing, but how can you keep them there and happy in the long term? By offering support. Be sure to relay the message that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are happy, valued and listened to. Whether it’s a work-life balance or mental health, have things in place to tackle these issues. The way we work has changed indefinitely so everyone will have different issues. 

Standing out from the competition 

The biggest challenge you will face is standing out from the rest. Companies will be doing more than ever to provide the best perks and initiatives to attract candidates – what are you doing to be different from the rest? Let candidates know what the perks are for working with you, or what you’re offering your competitors are not. There are factors such as location and salary that play a part in their decision making. 

The work environment is also a key factor; what is the dress code like? Is there hybrid working included? How does the team bond? 

What’s in it for the candidate? 

You’ll be seeking talent which will be an asset to your business, however, the candidate will want to know why they should  join your business – what’s in it for them? If you can answer this question, then you’re in a great position. What’s the progression within the business like? What perks will they receive? Are there bonuses and benefits in the package? 

By ensuring talent that your business is the best place to progress in their career, it will leave you in a stronger position than your competition when it comes to securing the industries’ best. 


Support for employees is one of the key points we’ve touched upon; and being flexible with their needs comes into that category. With the increase in hybrid working, it would be a disadvantage to not take advantage of that. It could also hinder the chances of securing the best talent. With the pandemic still a concern, workers would definitely benefit working from home on certain days. 

If you’re looking to fill in a position at your business or you’re after a new role yourself – get in touch with our team today.