How To Boost Your Career During Covid-19

The restrictions set by the UK government suit neither hiring managers or candidates on the lookout for new roles. Although this may be a frustrating time for candidates but we’ve got some tips on how you can make sure you’re ready for a potential new position once, fingers crossed, things go back to normal. 

Take a Free Online Course

We’ve highlighted the benefits of taking an online course in one our previous blog entitled: Online Courses That Stand Out in 2020 If you are currently a digital professional looking to enhance your knowledge in a specific area, then taking an online course will not only boost your knowledge but you will receive a qualification once you have successfully completed the course. This could be great for university leavers who may be struggling to find a position once they have graduated. Looking to stand out from the rest? Take an online course. 

Create a LinkedIn Account 

Networking is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin inquiring about potential vacancies. What better platform to network with than LinkedIn. Those of you who love social media will be pleased to know LinkedIn is a beneficial alternative for job-seekers. LinkedIn will allow you to build a personal profile, just like a CV, where you showcase your ambitions, previous experience and your achievements. Candidates are likely to be found by recruiters, so much sure your profile is ready to go! 

Quick and easy to do, build your LinkedIn profile today:

Do Your Career Research 

If you’re not sure what career path you’d like to take, that’s fine. Most people often are caught in limbo when opting to pursue a certain career. This is a great time to conduct research into your preferred career. Find out what position ideally you’d like to take up, perhaps find out what skills are required and if needed, take a course to get up to scratch. It could also be a good opportunity to reach out to career experts for advice and tips. 

What are other candidates doing that I’m not? How can I get ahead of the competition?  These are questions that you find the answer to. Demonstrating your passion for your chosen career is a significant step towards impressing your potential employer. 

Update Your CV 

Just like your LinkedIn profile, your CV represents you. Make sure it’s in good condition to match potential openings. Once your CV has been amended, it’s a good idea to distribute to potential employers and recruitment consultants. This lets them know that you are actively looking for roles, although new openings may be limited during this current period. 

Your CV must have the following: A personal profile, current and past experience, education, and your skills. There are various ways in which these elements could be positioned. 

Listen to a podcast 

In a previous blog: 'Podcasts Aiding Your Career', we highlighted a few of the podcasts out there which could aid job seekers in their hunt for a new position. With podcasts, there is an element of interactivity. Podcast hosts can answer listener questions and you receive expert analysis and advice on how to go about your career change. As long as you have access to the necessary platforms, podcasts can be listened to anywhere, anytime. 

Key Worker Positions 

We have all been encouraged to self-isolate under government restrictions over the last few months. But, there is still a demand for 'key workers'. To help maintain and support key services at this time of uncertainty, is advertising vacancies in sectors where demand for workers is high. 

That means that you can earn a short-term position, earning money as well as gaining experience and building your CV. 

There is plenty to keep you occupied during self-isolation. For those looking for new opportunities, it is important to be ready and we believe these tips are a good way to start. What are you doing to keep your employability skills on track? Let us know!