How To Get a Promotion

Gaining a promotion is the main aim of every employee working in a structured environment; allowing you to gain more responsibility, earn a higher salary and also gain a sense of accomplishment. However, this milestone isn’t an easy one – gaining the respect of your peers and the hierarchy is something you must earn. Along with your skills, you will also be judged on your personal and leadership qualities. 

There are various ways in which you can catch your supervisors attention and climb your way to a promotion. We’ll take a look at these in this article. 

Get noticed in the workplace 

The first step to impressing your colleagues or supervisor and show you deserve a promotion, is to be noticed. This does not necessarily mean being the most vocal in the workplace, but unless your work and contributions are visible to your employer, chances of a promotion are slim. A few ways to catch your employers attention are the following: 

  • Volunteer to assist in projects that may not be in your department. 
  • Do the small things correctly (be punctual, dress appropriately, be effective in communication)
  • Demonstrate your knowledge when the opportunity arises such as: meetings or appraisals. 

Show your leadership skills 

Being a ‘leader’ is one of the key attributes your supervisor will take into consideration before deciding whether to promote you. Having a positive effect on those around you and inspiring colleagues to work at an effective level is a great trait to have. How can you demonstrate leadership qualities? We suggest: 

  • Be a role model in the workplace (help new starters, offer a helping hand to co-workers if possible) 
  • Show high-levels of performance in each project you take part in (be an indispensable team member) 
  • Build on certain qualities that improve your effectiveness as a leader 

Ask for regular feedback 

Asking for regular feedback will show your supervisor you’re eager to learn and develop. When the opportunity arises, ask for feedback on your performance and how you can get better. Not only will your communication with your supervisor improve, but you’re also showing initiative. 

You may even be bold enough to suggest that you deserve a promotion or are in-fact aiming for one. Should you choose to do this, it’s important you have the evidence to support your request. 

  • Present your case for a promotion in a professional manner 
  • Create a list of job responsibilities, achievements and experience you have gained 
  • Show how your work has benefitted the company, maybe using numbers 
  • Show your desire to advance your career 

Be a problem-solver 

Being a problem-solver in the workplace is one of the most impressive and valuable traits to possess. Every employer is on the lookout for someone who can solve situations in the workplace. This isn’t just about workplace personnel, but also general things that may need improving. 

Perhaps looking at additional measures the business can take to ensure they reach their goals, how the business can lower their costs, activities to increase team morale etc. If you decide to take initiative in these situations, this could make you a standout candidate for a promotion. 

Notice those who have previously been promoted 

If you’re fortunate enough to have colleagues who have been promoted, it is  a good idea to observe their behaviours and identify the elements of their day-to-day work that would have earned them the promotion. This will give you a better understanding of what you need to do to gain a promotion. 

This isn’t a case of ‘mirroring’ your colleagues, but a look at what your employer is looking for in a candidate, and if you don’t have those qualities, it will be a case of improving on them. 

For instance, if you notice a colleague is very sociable and attends all company events, showing they’re a team player, perhaps you could do something similar. 

Maintain a strong work ethic

Your work ethic is what will distinguish you from your colleagues. Your work performance will show that you have mastered your current position and are ready for the next challenge. This is similar to getting noticed in the workplace, where by doing everything in an efficient manner, you are stating your case for a promotion. 

A good way to maintain a string work ethic includes: 

  • Avoid unnecessary distractions whilst at work 
  • Have an organised workspace (emails, diary, notepad etc)
  • Write down some aspects of your work that motivate you 

Motivating yourself constantly will help you keep on top of your goals and targets. 

Bring value 

Ultimately if you would like to promoted, you must bring value to your company. Every employer wants their employees to contribute to the value of the company, so by adding value to your work is one of the best ways to get promoted. 

A few ways you can bring value to the team includes: 

  • Regularly improving your skills to deliver better results for the company
  • Take part in new activities that broaden your knowledge and skillset 

Although there are many ways to put yourself in a position to be promoted, you have to ensure that you are  carrying out these methods successfully. Your employer or supervisor will play a part, however, it all comes down to you. 


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