How To Impress Your Recruiter In The First Meeting

Here are a few ways you can impress your recruiter upon your first meeting. 

Talk about your previous roles, the skills you’ve attained, what you have learnt, the responsibilities you had, the challenges you faced, how you overcame the obstacles and the work environment you were in. How will your past experiences help with your potential next role? , from the skills you have gained, which ones will benefit you for your next role? What have you done that can prove that you fit the job specification?

Apply the challenges you mentioned earlier to the role you are applying for; for instance talk about how being resilient will help you in your next role.  Also apply your expertise to the company current objective; for instance if you have experience in successful campaigns, how would you implement a strategy for the company you applied for? Have a conversation with your recruiter, be relaxed and focused.  Ask questions regarding the role, this shows you are very interested, you paid attention and you want to know as much information as possible to really understand what is expected from you.

Talk about the company culture and how you will fit in the environment, it also demonstrates you have researched about the company Ethos and beliefs, this will definitely impress them. End the interview with a smile and a handshake. Also follow up by saying ‘it was a pleasure to meet you, I hope to hear from you soon”.  No matter how you felt the interview went always end on a positive note, leave a positive impression of yourself.