How To Make The Most Out Of Job Fairs & Conferences

Job events and fairs can be crucial to landing the perfect job, and more people should take advantage of these events. However not many job seekers know how to make the most of their time at job fairs and therefore might not have the most effective experience. However here are a few tip to ensure that you make the most of any job fair, event or conference when searching for your next role.

1) Research the companies: Make sure you have researched what companies are going to be attending the job fair and make notes on details about their organisation and what they provide. This will ensure that when you go up to them that you already have a rough idea of whether or not they are a company you should pursue. It can also help to understand the employer’s ethos beforehand so that you have something relatable to talk about with them. It will also make you come across as more professional and organised if you approach a company with prior knowledge on them and the opportunities they provide.

2) Plan ahead: Making a day plan can be very beneficial as it will allow you to efficiently make your way through possible employers. Knowing who you want to visit beforehand will help save you a lot of time and prevent you from aimlessly walking around looking confused all day. Of course, some companies you never planned to be interested in might pique your interest, which is totally fine, but be sure to factor in these wild card companies into your day plan.

3) Network: These fairs and events are full with employers and other job seekers who may be valuable to your search in terms of networking. Make sure to collect as many business cards as necessary and to pass out your own, or at least your name if you don’t have a card. The connections that you make at these events may be the crux for when you’re searching or applying for your next role. In addition to this, don’t forget to network and connect with relationships that you have made in the past. Reconnect with old friends or even friends of friends to help build a stronger relationship with them.

4) Take notes: The speakers and panellists at job conferences are full to the brim with valuable insights and tips and they are as keen to share them with you as you should be to soak in all that information. Whether you prefer ye olde pen and paper, or noted on your smartphone, make sure to jot down all the important takeaways from the speakers. You may even want to go up to them later to go over what they’ve discussed and to grab a business card!

Next time you’re at a job fair or conference, be sure to follow these tips but also remember the most important tip of all; have fun!