How to make your recruitment process more efficient

An efficient recruitment process not only makes the overall hiring process a lot easier, but it brings solid credibility to the organisation; from the applicant’s perspective. Whether with the assistance of a recruiter or agency, or digital and automotive implementations, there are various benefits of having a timely recruitment process. 

According to research carried out Tidio, Nearly 67% of HR professionals believe that AI has many benefits and a positive impact on the recruitment process.

As mentioned, digital and AI are playing a key role in not only recruitment processes but overall business processes. As much as the implementation of AI processes is convenient and seemingly the way forward, there are other ways in which hiring managers can make their recruitment processes more efficient. 

Identifying the areas for improvement

Before establishing potential methods for improving the recruitment process; firstly, it’s important to identify the areas that require improvement. This could be a lack of planning or a lack of clarity. This could be done by publishing feedback surveys to current employees or recent interviewees – those who can provide valuable feedback. 

Ways to make the recruitment process more efficient 

Adopt digital and AI

We go back to it! Adopting AI in your recruitment process is likely to not only make the process efficient in identifying suitable candidates; but it is also likely to be invaluable in terms of time. Some of the notable benefits of AI in recruitment include: 

  • Speed of hire
  • Timely screening process 
  • Enhancing candidate experiences 

Clear and attractive job ads 

Clear job ads not only make it more attractive, but it helps identify the right candidates for the job. With the competitive nature of the job hunt, having a wide pool of talent to choose from is great…if they match the requirements. 

Boost candidate sourcing 

There are various ways in which you can attract and identify both candidates who are actively looking for new positions, and those who are ‘passive’ in their current position. By taking advantage of sources such as social media channels, networking events and referrals; you are opening the door to a variety of channels to consistently identify and recruit top talent.

Organisation is key 

Now this goes without saying, however, staying ‘organised’ as a hiring manager, recruiter or business as whole can have different meanings for all. A few ways in which you can revaluate your recruitment efficiency is by: building checklists, personalising your communication and investing in recruitment software. 

Shortening your application process 

It’s not uncommon for organisations to have lengthy application processes; this is mainly due to ensuing every requirement for the job is met. However, the lengthy process can lead to increased stress and the possibility of the candidate taking another job offer – before this process is complete! By shortening the application process, you are able to interview, assess if necessary and select the suitable candidate all in good time. 

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