How To Speed Up Your Job Search

Finding a job can take a long time, in fact it can take days until you find the right one. Even when you have done everything right, from filling up your CV with loads of experience to writing the most perfect, detailed cover letter, there never seems to be any luck!  

This can become very frustrating to the point where you just want to give up. Not to worry, Blu-Digital is at your service! Here is some guidance that we feel can help you find your dream job:  

Procrastinate can be your worse enemy, so avoid it. Remain consistent and certainly don't give up. If you don't hear from companies you have applied for, it's not the end of the world. Set your own target where you may take a couple of hours within the day to apply for jobs, for example, 1 hour of your time to apply for 20 jobs a day.

Try broadening your search by using different platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Total jobs etc. Creating a portfolio/account on these platforms can help you track previous applications and help showcase your resume online. LinkedIn is a favourite as it is the world's largest professional networking site which helps you find and connect with companies & helps you to discover new career opportunities by searching for jobs.  

Internships whether they are paid or non-paid are always beneficial in the long run. The demand for work can leave any candidate frustrated and even with the right skill set, you can still find it difficult to secure a role. Internships and work experience placements will give you the exposure to a real working environment where you will improve your skillset as well as help you to take on challenges. Don't forget, doing an internship is an opportunity to impress your employer, don't miss it!    

If you're struggling to get into the world of employment, the best cause of action to take would be to go to networking events to make connections and get your name out there. By speaking to different companies that will help you build a relationship with a potential employer. It will also stop you from being inactive during your job hunt.  

Often enough whilst looking for a new role it can be very disheartening if we are not getting any luck. Signing up with a recruitment agency is bound to help your job search because you will have an experience recruiter placing you in a company, and they will act as the middle man, so you won't have to chase the company for a response yourself. Even if your first role doesn't go the way you would like, recruiters will still be on the lookout for a role which suits you!  

We believe following these tips will help speed up the process of job hunting and will make your life much easier. Hopefully you will be able to find your dream job much sooner.