HowNow: Digital Learning Made Easier

Do you want to learn something new such as learning a language, Yoga or playing the guitar? Do you want to learn from the experts while being at home?

This is where we introduce HowNow. HowNow is a London-based EdTech startup that allows tutors and influencers to create and build their own virtual schools, which could be seen as an extension of their own website or social media channel. They can then sell virtual seats for them at a price of £22 a month, as well as earning 10% comission on every seat which is sold. 

As YouTube recently changed it's partnership programme criteria, that has made it difficult for content creators who may have a smaller platform to earn money from the videos they publish. Usually YouTubers must have 4000 hours of watch time over a 12 month period and have at least 1000 subscribers. YouTube then takes 45% comisson on the revenue generated through adverts. 

HowNow gives users the choice of various price packages to get started from starter to enterprise. These include unlimited course creation, unlimited live course hosting, custom domain quiz and discussion features. The starter package  is at a cost of £22 a month, whcich includes a 10% comission charge. The growth package is at a cost of £239 with no commission charge. 

Could this be the start of more startups entering the EdTech market?