HSBC purchases virtual plot in digital push

HSBC recently announced that they have purchased a plot of real estate in an online gaming space called The Sandbox.

This move by HSBC is in a bid to engage with e-sports and gaming fans in The Sandbox, furthering their transition in closing 69 of their UK branches – moving online. This highlights even more how the Metaverse is being incorporated into various franchises – providing consumers with a new experience, whilst brands benefit from Metaverse investment. 

The Metaverse is essentially a space for virtual activity to take place. Avatars in The Sandbox are able to play games, meet new people and walk around as avatars. As HSBC look to optimise opportunities within the Metaverse, HSBC say they are hopeful they can "create innovative brand experiences for new and existing customers,". 

Seeing as a global bank such as HSBC demonstrating their interest and commitment to the virtual world, will this open the door for other sectors to follow suit?