Influencer Marketing: Are There Potential Risks?

We now live in an age where traditional advertising is receiving less attention from consumers, and brands are having to alter their strategy in order to connect with their target audience. 

The world of social media is a very effective tool for many businesses now when it comes to appealing to their audience. Whether its video content or opinion-based posts – everyone is having their say and brands can improve because of it. Considering the power and influence various celebrities have on social media, influencer marketing has been a popular option for brands. 

Being able to have a famous celebrity not only display your product, via their Instagram channel but also gain valuable engagement from it, is a win-win. Research has shown that 60% of consumers consult blogs, social media posts, and vlogs on products before considering to purchase. If your product is focused mainly on the younger audience then targeting platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube is likely to bring in the most success; because brands can speak directly to their audience. 

What are the risks involved?

However, after looking at all the potential benefits to influencers enhancing the value of products, there are also some risks involved. Celebrities can sometimes be under the spotlight due to controversy surrounding them. There have been a number of high profile celebrities who have come under scrutiny that has affected their brand. Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a sexual assault case in 2018, which resulted in Nike considering parting ways with the famous footballer. Tiger woods also came under severe scrutiny when details of infidelity in his private life emerged into the public eye in 2009 and left Nike and Gillette in a tricky position. 

Take Kevin Hart: He lost the chance to host the 2019 Oscars because of homophobic tweets he sent several years ago. The risks are there, and they may well be a sign that we, as a people have become celebrity-obsessed and far too fickle. But, managed carefully, it is a great avenue to explore.