Intuit Mailchimp announces partnership with

Mailchimp has partnered with, introducing new integrations and features like Buy with Prime integration, enhanced generative AI (genAI), and SMS tools for marketers. These tools aim to help marketers target, personalize, and automate their marketing efforts, especially during the holiday shopping season.

A survey conducted by Edelman DxI on behalf of Mailchimp in June 2023 revealed that the holiday season significantly impacts annual revenue for marketers. During the 2022 Black Friday weekend, Mailchimp customers sent over 8 billion emails. Personalized emails were found to significantly increase customer engagement and purchasing likelihood.

The research concluded that in June of 2023, two-thirds of marketers believe that the holiday season drives between 21%-40% of their company’s annual revenue. During the 2022 Black Friday weekend, Mailchimp customers sent more than 8 billion emails. The research also suggests customers are 87% more likely to click into an email if it’s personalised to them, and 71% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that sends them personalised emails. Nearly 3 in 4 marketers feel overwhelmed by all the different [personalisation] capabilities offered. The same percentage don’t have the time to explore all of those capabilities. This suggests that marketers are feeling the strain. 

“No matter the size of your business, whether you’re speaking to an audience of 15 or 150,000, delivering personalisation at scale is challenging. In one single platform, our users can manage customer engagement from attraction to purchase. They reach customers at the right place and time,” said Kenneth Chestnut, Global Head of Ecosystem at Intuit Mailchimp. “We are thrilled to announce a multi-year, strategic partnership with Wix. We aim to deliver a single source of truth for marketers and businesses. Marketers can tap into a wealth of marketing best practices when connecting their Wix accounts to Mailchimp. Getting recommendations and generated content that are built with insights derived from an international data footprint at their core.”

The partnership with Wix allows Mailchimp users to sync and organize customer data, enabling better customisation of campaigns based on real-time behavioral data. The collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive marketing suite for users, supporting self-creators and agencies alike.

The Mailchimp for Buy with Prime integration boosts conversions by automating personalized checkout recovery campaigns, resulting in increased orders and improved click rates. Additionally, Mailchimp's generative AI features, like Intuit Assist, help marketers generate personalized content and optimize marketing strategies using customer data insights.

Mailchimp's focus on personalization is seen as a significant step toward catering to businesses of all sizes, emphasizing the importance of meeting customer preferences and building trust, particularly during the holiday season.

The cross-platform integration is set to have a gradual global rollout in the US, Canada and the UK.