Is a Robotic Future Closer Than We Think?

You watch most films set thousands of years in the future, and one of the common themes in all of them is the use of robotics made available to everyone. From robots that control the household, to robots that protect you, for a long time, watching the animatronics in these films was nothing more than a dream. A possible glance into the future, but never to the level depicted in cinema. 

Well maybe we are a lot closer to that robotic utopia than we realise. With Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, we are already living in that voice recognition world. With all the television adverts showing these smart home gadgets turning off lights in specific rooms and connecting to Roomba systems automatically, we are barrelling towards scenes from the likes of Blade Runner and Black Mirror. 

Smart home gadgets are the latest trend, with the likes of the aforementioned home devices above. This trend has branched off into a very interesting direction, a direction coming from a Taiwanese company called EQL Technology, with their latest robot, Qubi.

Qubi does everything that a lot of the technology out there can do. It can connect to your other devices, and it even has a Roomba – like device attached to the bottom of it, which can disengage from the robot and return after it is completed. Where it does stand out from other robots is that it has also been branded as a security robot. Attached at the very top of Qubi is a camera. The idea being that if there is movement in your home when you aren’t in, Qubi can locate the noise, and steam what is happening straight to your phone. 

Pretty neat right? Although not the first of its kind by any means. There are plenty of security options out there that do the same thing as Qubi’s unique selling point. Nest Cam for example is a little camera that can be used both indoors and out, which connects to your phone whenever it detects a possible threat. It can even follow an intruder as they walk around, and a damn sight subtler than a robot following you.

In regards to security, the Independent have listed their 11 best security cameras. Includes price comparisons and descriptions of each device. Whether it be a robot, camera or something else entirely, one thing that can’t be denied is that these devices greatly improve home security. Check it out:

There is no denying that EQL Technology have created something truly exciting with Qubi, and that this could be a huge step in the direction of robots becoming the norm in all of our homes. Looking at it, there doesn’t seem to be many cons. You can control your household appliances, acts as a security camera and even interact with it. Compared to what is already on offer, and options that would be considerably cheaper, I personally can’t see where Qubi will fit in in regards to the smart home gadgets that are doing so well. 

Still, as we are ever racing towards a world where robots and smart gadgets are aiding our lives, it’s a very exciting milestone. We could be in for the realisation that technology could play a huge role in the next development of human kind – the limits seem endless. 

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