Is Career Advice Helping Millennials?

Perhaps we now live in an era where the task of finding a permanent, well paid job seems like mission impossible for our millennials. 56% of 18 to 24 year olds say that finding a well paid job is the 'hardest challenge for their generation' from a poll by Recruitment Grapevine. Most of us may have been through the education route and expect to find the perfect job once we graduate university (I felt the same). Along the way, you speak to professionals who seek to give you the best advice on your journey towards working in your prefered industry. 

Are we receiving the right advice? 

There's no doubt career advisers look to provide the best advice possible when it comes to speaking to candidates, but do the candidates really value the advice they're being given? According to Recruitment Grapevine, 67% of candidates said that they have not received the best career advice for the digital age - 15% of candidates stated that they had received digital-related advice. 

With digital becoming bigger over the years, the way in which candidates are employed is becoming different. There has been a lot of talk when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, could jobs eventually become obsolette? This has left many millennials worried that they could be replaced by machines if human intelligence wasn't to keep up. There is a difference in regards to the career direction of the genders who were surveyed.  

Females cited that their top three jobs as teacher, marketing/sales and medicine. Males cited their jobs as games designer, coder and a YouTuber. Although millennials may not be getting the advice in which they would like, recruiters can now use this information to reach out to the right candidates, as well as building a network with candidates who are interested in those particular career prospects. Millennials care a lot about the training and progression culture within a company. According to a Linkedin report in 2017, candidates felt that the mission, company culture and training was extremely important. 

Recruiters have also been called upon to find new ways to appeal to young talent. Social Media has become an effective tool for companies when reaching out to millinnials. McDonalds recently started a successful Snapchat campaign, which has resulted in almost half of all jobseekers following companies online and interacting their way to success!