Is Instagram A Problem For Mental Health?

Based on a study by the The Royal Society for Public Health Instagram scored the highest in terms of causing depression, cyberbullying, body image, depression and loneliness. On other hand YouTube had positive impact on youth mental health. Twitter and Facebook stood at an average position. 

The organisation hopes that social media platforms will now control how their content has negative or positive impact on psychological health among young people.

RSPH also acknowledges that some of these platform can be used to generate positive causes to deal with the mental issues, however more effort has to be invested to make it possible across all channels. 
Due to the development of digital media many young people are exposed to media content, and are very influenced by celebrities and technologies. 

In order to tackle the issue health organisations are planning strategies in which to handle the situation, such as identifying users that may advertise negative behaviour (anorexia, self-harming etc.)