Is Online Spending Set To Continue Post Covid-19?

During a period where many sectors saw setbacks, thanks to the unfortunate influence of Covid-19, the Ecommerce industry saw relative growth during that period; where many businesses and consumers transitioned towards online. 

Major retailer JD Sports highlighted the ‘deep bond’ they have with their customers, celebrating the successful transition towards Ecommerce over the last year. 

As various businesses announce both profits and losses during the pandemic and consumers develop new habits: Are local and digital buying habits set to change post Covid-19?

Grocery shopping online was at it’s peak during the height of the pandemic and those who were not familiar with online shopping beforehand, quickly became used to the conveniency of ordering their essentials online. 

According to a poll conducted by supermarket, Waitrose, more than three quarters of the UK did their grocery shopping online in 2020. The poll also revealed that 77% of respondents did online grocery shopping, compared to 66% in 2019. The over 55’s were amongst the biggest shifters towards the online trend. 

The success of online shopping also brings in new demands for supermarkets; but following the success of Sainsbury’s Smarthsop, CEO Mike Coupe believes that they should prepare for a longer term of demand. 

“When people get into the habit of ordering their groceries online it’s likely to be sticky.”

With the quick and convenient nature of online shopping, it is expected that consumer online buying habits will change going forward. Consumers are also expected to support local shops that may have felt the effects of the pandemic, however the appeal of online shopping won’t go away. 

Elements such as loyalty reward schemes and personalisation present perks to online shoppers. 

Findings from Econsultancy’s report rounding up the effect of Covid-19 on Ecommerce, revealed that UK online sales accounted for a record 35.2% of all retail in January 2021.and 20% of non-UK shoppers made a purchase from a UK-based ecommerce site in 2021.

Research by O2 Business and Retail Economics revealed that 44% of consumers think they will see permanent changes to their buying habits. Rather than facing the uncertainty of shopping in-store and queuing up to enter your preferred retailer, the conveniency of click and collect (at suitable times) and having your Amazon Prime delivery arrive at your doorstep next day is appealing to many. 

We’re all eager to see the back of Covid-19 and get back to normal life, but some of the habits developed during lockdown look set to stay. 

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