Job Interviews to change going forward?

The UK has had to deal with restrictions over the last few months, put in place by the government due to Covid-19. 

This has forced many businesses to change the way in which they operate, especially businesses which conduct day-to-day operations within an office. Recruitment and HR is an area that has seen major change in the way it operates, not just affecting the business, but also businesses and candidates. 

The traditional communication methods between candidates and various businesses has seen major change. Face-to-face meeting have been put on hold as social distancing is in place (as well as advice for wearing face masks). This has seen many switch to a more digital approach: video communication. Video communication has made it ideal for us to communicate with team members and also external contacts. 

As many are unsure of the next steps or when indeed we’ll get back to ‘normal’, how will future interviews take place? Video communication tools have allowed interviews to go virtual; giving both clients and candidates a chance to get used to new technology. 

Recruiters and clients prefer to meet their candidates in person to get a real sense of the candidates personality and develop the relationship from there. Some clients during the interview process like to conduct group assessments and even show the potential new employee the office they could be working in. That process could change completely moving forward. 

Some businesses may even decide to install a completely different strategy, even if things go back to normal. As part of the change, businesses that offer open days or assessment centres, will look to move online as they search for the right candidate. 

For those that have never had a video interview or rarely conduct interviews via telephone, this could sound challenging. But, with the communication tools available, businesses can still recruit, with a structured onboarding process in place.